Configuring Your TP-Link VX230v / AX1800 - Quick Setup - VoIP

**VoIP is only required if you have a landline number through MyOwn Tel.
To setup your VoIP service in the Quick Setup, please follow the steps below:
1. Select the Add option in the top right.

2. You will see a list of fields. The field's values should be as follows:

  • Telephony Provider: Other

  • Phone Number: Enter your phone number.

  • Registrar Address: Enter the Domain you received in the 'Service Credentials' email.

  • Authentication ID: Enter the AuthID you received in the 'Service Credentials' email

  • Password: Enter the SIP Password you received in the 'Service Credentials' email.

If you haven't yet received the 'Service Credentials' email or need assistance, please contact us ASAP.


3. When you've entered the above details, click the OK button.

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