Please do not reset the device as MyOwn Tel pre-configures the D-Link VIPER DSL-3900 to suit your specific service, so all you'll need to do is plug it in according to the instructions below.

  1. Plug this cable into the following socket accordingly:
    • 1a Plug this cable into your telephone socket (FTTN/FTTB)
    • 1b Plug this cable into your hand-off device (the nbn / OptiComm / LBNCo 'modem' on your wall) (FTTP/HFC/FTTC/Fixed Wireless)
  2. Use an ethernet/network cable to connect your PC, game console or TV
    • Alternatively, you can connect these devices via the built-in WiFi (should your device or TV support WiFi)
  3. Plug your power cable into a wall socket
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