Please do not reset the device as MyOwn Tel pre-configures the TP-Link Archer VR400 to suit your specific service, so all you'll need to do is plug it in according to the instructions below.


1. Plug the cable into the following socket accordingly:

  • If you have FTTN/FTTB use this option:
    • VDSL/ADSL port - Plug a cable into your telephone socket
  • If you have FTTP/HFC/FTTC/Fixed Wireless/Opticomm/LBNCo use this option:
    • Gigabit LAN/WAN port - Plug a cable into your hand-off device (the nbn / OptiComm / LBNCo 'modem' on your wall)

2. Use an ethernet/network cable to connect your PC, game console or TV to one of the other yellow LAN ports (LAN1-3).

  • Alternatively, you can connect these devices via the built in WiFi (should your device or TV support WiFi)

3. Plug your power cable into a wall socket

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